NMS 504 Text & Image: Chicago is a typography town…

While reading the first page of Chapter 1 by Kress, I was really intrigued by his question, ‘If writing alone had been used, would this sign work?’  As well as, could the sign work with image alone?  In the examples he provided I found it didn’t work on both occasions. At the Jackson stop on the Red Line, I was surprised to see these new images below. They are placed on the walls alongside the track.

West Side view of Jackson Street

East Side view of Jackson St.

Looking at this it not only depicts Chicago being a typography town, it makes me analyze Kress’s questions. Without the text the image does do the job of telling you what takes to long to write, for a local but not for a tourist. If there were just text and no image it wouldn’t work for either one of us. The color that was added to the awnings in the photo indicate the Red Line and reminds you again that you will be exiting the Red Line Train into the city where you will then see these buildings, in these photos. I think this is a very functional form of using text & image in a big city like Chicago where there are large volumes of tourists throughout the year. The three modes are working together very well in this image. Informing you where you are and where you will soon be. This brings me to my next image.

Image in the Chicago Architecture Center

The infamous…You Are Here! I loved this when I saw it through the window of the Chicago Architecture Center. This was a prime example of how text is an image. I have seen these three words all my life on the map directory at the mall. And a few other places of course. But what I never saw in this was the fact that it was just text. Text places in circle with added color. Text definitely does become an image in the simplest way. In a place as busy as a mall or a big city like Chicago, this is a very functional image much like the images in the L Train station.  Kress also talked about cultural difference and language. Although this is in the English language, I think this sign is very universal and easy to adapt to those who speak another language. It’s such a straight forward image that anyone of any cultural background can gather through the connect what this image is saying and directing.

The following images reminded me of how much Chicago uses typography for advertisement and marketing. Busses will pass with ads on them for other companies; building will market their new product on their windows, etc. The combination of text, images and color make a fascinating trio. Providing functionality, direction and even sometimes brings cultures together.

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the Future Web…

After reading some of the blogs and articles on the future of the web I was really most interested in the more collaborative /real time content tools. Being that I am very interested in consulting small businesses and non-profits, a lot of these tools will be useful to know about, as well as how to use them. I love trying new things and find that a lot of these collaborative tools are so helpful and useful in office settings. I am currently working with a group of individuals in starting our own non-profit. Using Google Docs has been so helpful and a great tool for collaborating on establishing our mission and vision statement as well as allowing us all to input our individual research. I do feel that it can use some improvements but I appreciate that Google is constantly updating you on changes and upgrades so you don’t fall behind on any advancements. Creating graphs and charts isn’t very user friendly and I prefer to use excel to do so, however it can be imported via PDF into your presentation on Google Docs. I am very interested in trying out some of the collaboration tools like Stixy and am hoping to be able to implement them in my work place as well as other businesses.

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Project 2….

is coming along but it is a bit nerve racking. I am having trouble making my next two pages look identical to the homepage. I am trying to learn how to copy the homepage and then just remove what I don’t need. I need to get this webpage spliced up and ready to go this week! I keep trying these steps and they keep failing me. I am confident that I will get it together by the end of this week. Adding my content had been a bit of a challenge as well, but then again what hasn’t! I really need to become a Photoshop pro or think of switching to HTML/CSS for future projects.  8^)

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And the update is…

I finally managed to get most of the layout done in Photoshop!!! Now, I am no pro so bare with my mediocre design. But I think it’s kind of cute if I say so myself. ;0)

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Project 2 update…

so far I have created my layout which I’ve included here for your viewing. I am currently still working in photoshop in developing it and will post something once it looks fairly decent. After that is complete my next steps are to learn how to splice the page up so I can get it on the web. I found a few tutorials online and it seems pretty doable. (still keeping my fingers crossed) I”ll be back with more updates…MoniqueM. Website Layout

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The battle…

has been over whether or not I want my website developed from XHTML and CSS or through Photoshop and Indesign. I think I am going to settle on XHTML and CSS. the more I look into the process of XHTML and CSS I find myself more interested and excited about it. It seems so cool to know that from some crazy-looking codes, you can develop a clean and stylish website. I know it’s a lot of work involved but the learning process will be beneficial. If I had time to create the site through both processes to gather a synopsis of the differences that would be awesome. Maybe for Project 3 I can try to make a duplicate of my site using Photoshop and Indesign. Hmmmm….

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Learning XHTML & CSS…

seems like a lot. I am very curios and still want to learn it I’m just a little scared of it. I am wondering though if creating websites in Photoshop and then splicing them up to be put on the web is just as good. I keep hearing that not many web designers use XHTML and CSS anymore for designing. For my next project I am still battling whether or not I want to do it XHTML and CSS or just Photoshop it. I am going to attempt the technical aspect first and see how that goes. Wish me luck!!!!!

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