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Besides paying $10 for a pretzel and a bottle of water, I really enjoyed watching 11/4/08 at AMC River East last night. This documentary was part of the 46th Annual International Communications Media competition. They briefly showed all of the winners from this years entries but played the entire documentary by Jeff Deutchman’s  documentary that covered the election day of November 4, 2008. I love all types of documentaries for the sole reason that they bring you in and touch you. No matter the topic. They are so very real and you feel like you were a part of it even if you weren’t. In this case, I was part of it. I didn’t attend the rally when Obama won in 2008 but I was part of the audience. I had the same feeling of joy when I heard the good news. However, I also feared what was going to happen that day. I remember feeling like we were going to have another Kennedy moment. And fearing that I would be a part of that is what caused me not to attend the rally.

I thought it was great how he asked several of his friends, from all over the world, to video tape their experience on election day. Several small digital cameras is what brought this whole documentary together. This was a great multimodal project. There was a scene in the documentary where one of his friends video taped his mother on speaker phone, via his cellphone, sharing her experience of meeting Bill Clinton at a Starbucks in the mall on election day. That indeed shows how much technology has changed and how creative we have become with the use of incorporating different modes of media in multimodal projects.  Overall I thought it was a great documentary, but it was one-sided and I would have liked to have seen the other side as well. He may incorporate it later since he is still asking for submissions of footage from election day on his website


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