Project Proposal

The project to which I am proposing is to generate research on the importance of new media and social media in establishing a non-profit. I am currently working with a group of individuals to start a new non-profit. While working on ideas to promote and create a marketing campaign for the organization I read a book titled The Networked Non-Profit by Kanter and Fine. This book gives some nice examples of the steps you can take but it didn’t give enough examples that fit specifically to our target audience.
Our target audience is young adult Latinos ages 18-25. Our mission is to foster career-driven leadership through programs focused on empowerment, education and development. In collaboration with other community organizations, these programs are specifically tailored to address the unique challenges facing young Latino adults living in our Chicago communities. The Northwest neighborhoods of Chicago are our primary focus.
So, the question we face is how do we reach these individuals? Yes each of us members has friends and groups on Facebook as individuals, but do we have individuals that fit this demographic? We will need to come up with ideal ways to reach individuals in this age group, who have either not graduated from high school or have and now don’t know where else to go in their lives. Just reaching out to the people “we” know already will help because it then becomes a trickling effect. However, there is more that needs to be done and that is what we are trying to figure out.
New media tools, especially social media are becoming more and more resourceful for spreading the word. Word of mouth is still a great source but our generation looks more toward the word of Twitter and Facebook.  I am having a little difficulty figuring out what research I should compile. I am going to monitor the amount of individuals who respond to our group over the next few weeks, but I don’t know where else I can go with this. I am hoping through discussion in class I can get some feedback as to what will best meet my argument of the level of importance of utilizing new media. Through our marketing campaign we are going to utilize other traditional sources like mass mailings and e-blasts. I’m just not certain how much of this will be completed before our semester is over in order to generate some numbers from this. I would have loved to see how many individuals respond to older forms of communication versus the newer sources. I just don’t think time will permit that.  
I am hoping to gather as much research as possible from this process. I am working on the development o the website as well with the graphic designer. We are hoping this cam go live very soon as well to generate more of an audience. I can then utilize Google analytics to see what our visitors main interests are or if we even have any visitors as of yet. I am excited about this project because not only will I learn more about the views on new media by others, it will help the organization learn how to reach our target audience and get our message across through multimodality.
Here is a link to our current Facebook group to give you more informaiton on what our organization is about.!/group.php?gid=159158340779423

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I am a first year student in the New Media Studies graduate program at DePaul University, seeking More knowledge in new Media, I am More Med
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